Pro Style Matches on Dvd


Jade vs Skye 20

After confrontation backstage at the St. George's Daymes show, Skye takes on Jade. See two gorgeous ladies in the ring and see lots of technical holds and pins with some "slight" interference from the referee !


Delectable Donna vs Skye 20

Skye is full of energy and anticipation, whereas Donna seems almost bored and certainly not impressed by her opponent.The two ladies begin to demonstrate their extensive knowledge of holds, starting with a series of increasingly complex and painful armlocks, and moving on to legholds, scissors, backbreakers and more! Donna isn't afraid to bend the rules to suit her needs, but Skye can play rough as well! As the match wears on, the animosity between the two grows, and the verbal taunts prove that there's no love lost between these two scrapping Spitfires!After a long, often gruelling fight, one beauty claims victory, but it's a hard-fought win for the lass! Not surprisingly, both wrestlers are exhausted after the match, but the fire in their eyes make it plain that this is only the opening round in what promises to be a wild war

Jennidee vs Skye 20

This is a return match between these two ladies who faced each other in the St.Georges Daymes Show. On that occasion the winner was Jennidee so there is an added determination on the part of Skye to exact revenge !! Skye has the Height advantage over her rival but Jennidee comes from the school of "The bigger they are, the harder they fall "Both girls have exceptional wrestling ability which they use to gain full advantage when possible.Lots of Scissors, Arm locks and great moves in this match. See who wins this return bout !!!!!


Pippa L'Vinn with Roxi and Donna

The sleeper is a finishing move which always has devastating results when applied properly.
It usually signals the end of a match for one wrestler or is the winning move for the other !
A big favourite with fans, it is used with great effect by wrestlers such as Pippa L'Vinn when possible.
Unfortunately it can be dangerous if applied incorrectly.
In this video, Pippa talks us through the correct technique and when it should be applied.
With Two willing students Roxi and Donna keen to have a go on eachother !
The video starts with Pippa explaining how to put the Sleeper on Correctly
Then Roxi and Donna have a short match to see who can apply the Sleeper on the other so finishing the Match.
Part instruction video, part match video it is a unique insight to wrestling technique.
Approx 10 mins long