Pippa L'Vinn Dvd's



Featuring the one and only Klondyke Kate. Just watch the 24 stone ultimate bitch of the ring try to defeat the wily Pippa L'Vinn.
Not for the faint hearted.


A Mat- Based Wrestling Bout, full of of your Favourite Moves by two very experienced wrestlers. Including of Course the famous Scissors !


This is a debut match for a new beginner Saffron. She is put through a strict training regime and then has to face her first opponent. She has a go first with Pippa and then her first proper opponent Sue Scarlett, which could very possibly turn into a catfight. Watch Out !

Pippa L'Vinn vs Shelby Beach

This Video features Non-Stop action between Two of the U.K.'s Top Lady Wrestlers. What should have been a quiet day down at the gym turned into World-War Three in Manchester !


After returning from Japan and California, Honey takes a visit to Manchester, England and takes on Leathal L'Vinn on her home turf. This is a mat based submission match. Watch out and see who's the winner


See what happens when Pippa L'Vinn takes on the new girl to the UK wrestling scene, Skye. Will the experienced Pippa make Skye wish she'd never entered the ring let alone the sport. Or will the newcomer teach Pippa L'Vinn a lesson, she'll never forget !!

Pippa vs Jade 20

How will Jade cope with the wily Pippa L'Vinn. Or will the new school tactics bamboozle the ex PGWA champ. Let's wait and see if there are any surprises !

Delectable Donna vs Pippa L'Vinn 20

This rising starlet from the FWA Academy, Donna puts herself in line for a wrestling lesson she might never forget, when she takes on Pippa L'Vinn. Surely she must have something up her sleeve. Will Donna cause a major upset !
Guest referee is Roxi.

Pippa L'Vinn vs Delectable Donna 20

This is a mat based match which lasts about 20 minutes. Usually, Delectable Donna is a Professional wrestler, however Donna has been training in submission wrestling. Getting ready to take, L'Vinn on, at her own game. Will it be the walkover Pippa thinks ?? Or will Donna surprise her formidable opponant with her speed and agility. Check it out and see !!!


Double Disc. 2 Matches 20
Mamilla vs Pippa L'Vinn + Layla vs Pippa L'Vinn

This special double disc, feature's the newcomers which have taken the Wrestling Factory by storm !!
The 1st Mat based submission match, features Mamilla. She is one of the new girl's to join the PPLV camp. A total novice before Pippa gave her a few lessons. This match was to show off her new found skill of applying scissors which she is a natural at, being a professional dancer. Both girls try to out manouver the other, to apply the lethal move. Mamilla starts quietly, but as you will see, she gets Fiestier as the match progresses !! This is sure to be popular with wrestling fans, catch her on this debut video. Also check out the second mat based submisson match. This bubbly, blonde, bundle of fun, new girl, LAYLA. What a fantastic addition to the world of wrestling. Watch out for her strong and powerfull frame, dominating anyone who enters her world. Watch out Pippa L'Vinn !! Can Pippa use her knowledge to out smart Layla or will she be pressed into submisson. Watch and find out !!

Dirty Deeds 20

This starts off as any other match, but the pre-match interview / rant from Pippa soon sets the tone. Kirsty is no stranger to the squared circle but the lack of referee ( or Rules ) help Pippa to establish a stranglehold on the match. Once Pippa has the bit between her teeth there's no turning back. Kirsty is subjected to a torrent of highly dubious moves and tactics.\line Low blows rain in on the dazed victim and she has no refuge from the fired up Pippa.Definately not for the squeamish !!!

Kirsty Lopez vs Pippa L'Vinn ( mat match ) 20

Kirsty Starred in Pippa L'Vinn's last show September Sirens. Since then, Pippa has been itching to get to grips with the Midlands based girl. Maybe Pippa just wants to make sure that she stamps her authority on the experienced Pro-Style wrestler from the start Being no fool, Pippa challenges Kirsty to a Mat based match where Kirsty isn't quite at home Although trained in Pro-wrestling, this is hervery first time on the mats.Although Pippa thinks she has an easy match in store, Kirsty hasn't read the same script !! Determined to make her mark, Kirsty has a few surprises in store for her opponent. Watch out Pippa !!