Mixed Matches on Dvd


Pippa L' Vinn vs Paul Diamond 20

See Pippa in action against Paul Diamond. This is a hard fought mixed match and you will see every trick in the book used. The match is on mats. Will you see some major butt kicking ? of course !

The Mask vs Pippa L'Vinn (Mixed match) 20

This opponent came with the opinion that he was going to wipe the floor with a mere female. Wearing a mask to protect his identity, as he was afraid of the backlash he would receive, after giving Pippa a mauling. Things don't go to plan at first and doubt soon creeps in. Does Pippa receive the beating as promised, or does the unsuspecting male have to hide his embarassment ?


Pippa L'Vinn vs Chris 20

(Mixed Mat) A chance meeting at the Wrestling Factory, where both wrestlers had been training, lead to this match where Chris can't believe that this slip of a girl can be a match for any man in a competetive wrestling match. Little does he know of Pippa's prowess in the ring and on mats ! A full on Head to Head clash which could leave certain parties with damaged Ego's ( as well as Limbs ! ) See who gets the upper hand in this battle of the sexes which takes place on the mats.

Double Trouble ! 20

(Mixed Mat) Layla +Ami vs Marco A must see !!! 2 vs 1. Beautiful but deadly, Layla and Ami team up to put Marco in his place......FLAT on his back. Can Marco out wrestle and out think, these two powerfull ladies of the mats. What do you think ??? Lots of different holds can be seen, but who's got who?
Watch and find out who will win the day. This is a match where NO MERCY is shown !!!!!

Chris vs Pippa 2 20.

The Return Match. Pro-Stlye mixed match. Previously Pippa had fought Chris on mats where the outcome was contested by Pippa. Just the fact that he tried to quit while ahead infuriated Pippa. She demanded a re-match and here it is. A battle of the sexes fought with no quarter given or expected Pippa has a big score to settle, Chris has his injured pride to restore. Lots of powerful moves both wrestlers determined to win, who will be the victor ? approx 23 mins long.