Mat Style Matches on Dvd



Clash Of The Heavyweights 25

This features Two fantastic wrestlers - Shelby Beach and Miss Jodie Lee. They are both kept under strict supervision by Special Guest Referee, Pippa L'Vinn. Count on Plenty of non-stop action !

Jennidee vs Roxi 20

This is a mat/pro style type of match. These 2 young ladies get it on, in the privacy of a matted room, to see who is the best. Roxi determined to come out on top, against the very confident Jennidee.
This match has everything from pro-style action to hard fought submission moves. Both girls know what it takes to be a winner
Who will be the best of the best !!

Delectable Donna vs Roxi 20

A mat based submission Match. Usually these two gorgeous ladies would face each other in opposite corners in a professional wrestling show. Pippa L'Vinn has brought them together for the first time putting their submission skills to the test on mats.Could this be the start of a career change for either of them ? See how the girls fare in this exiting match

Catfight 20

Minx turns up at the gym for a training session to find her rival Roxi there. It soon comes out that they are both there to be trained by the same guy.
Unfortunately he's mixed his dates up and the girls find out he's dating both of them ! What ensues is a battle not seen before between these two ladies. This is a scrap with unrivalled intensity, no holds barred. Using every dirty trick in the book (and quite a few not in the book )
A must see fight between the two love rivals.Who will be the victor and walk away with her man ??

Minx vs Roxi 20
Armwrestle Challenge !

Minx takes on Roxi to see who is the best at armwrestling . The two ladies, better known for their Pro-Wrestling skills have taken on a challenge which is outside their usual area of competition. With their usual competetive instincts, both girls want to be the victor and have been practicing hard for this unique match. Will Minx, be the victor, because of her better leverage and underhand tactics ? Or will Roxi win the day through her determination and power Don't expect fair play or a match that goes strictly by the book from these two ladies !!!