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Welcome To The New Wrestling Factory!
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I'd Like to thank all who took part or participated in The Final Chapter Show
Thanks for the many gifts and a great day to remember!!

Pippa L'Vinnxxx


Frosty Fisticuffs Show Downloads Available
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Custom Matches made to your own requirements
Pippa L'Vinn - 07887 837146


Hi, my name is Pippa L'vinn.

I have been involved in the sport of Wrestling for around Twenty years.
During this period I have met and fought many people (Male and Female)

I am involved in Professional / Competitive freestyle submission and Mixed wrestling.
I have also had coaching in the art of Boxing.

I have visited wrestling clubs in other countries such as :
U.S.A. South Africa, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Holland and Belgium.
You may also see me working at Major Venues across the U.K. in Professional Wrestling Shows
And have appeared on T.V. and Radio in the U.K. on many occasions.

Based in Manchester, England i have probably the best private wrestling facilities available in the U.K.
Please click the link to see The Wrestling Factory

I have my own video production company and promote Ladies Wrestling Shows at my Gym.
I also Produce custom video's to order, which are of the highest quality in the business.
Hope you enjoy my site, use the navigation bar above to get around.

There are lots of Pictures to be found, just navigate to the downloads section

Please email or phone me if you need any information.

Pippa L'Vinn

P.S. I'm always on the look out for new Ladies to join the Wrestling Factory.
Experience,Size,Weight, don't matter just a willingness to work and learn....

Thanks To Paul For The Great Artwork