Taken From the Saved By The Belles Show Dvd

Nikki Storm
Sammi Hunter

Pro-Style Match


The third pro.style bout of the show brought together an all Scottish encounter: Glasgow v Dundee.
The ebullient Nikki facing her fellow country woman: Sammi.
Nikki forced the issue early on, attempting to work over her taller opponent with a series of wristlocks and armbars. Sammi was having none of it though and responded with a hip toss to briefly quieten Nikki.
Sammi started to use her superior height with Nikki screaming " she's breaking my arm ! ".
The Glaswegian girl then took time out to flex her muscles and, began flirting with the referee whilst Sammi looked on unimpressed.


The bout at this stage was only just gaining momentum when Sammi came close with a 2 count roll up.....Nikki responded with a headbutt and covered her adversary for a 1 count. A back rake followed, forcing Sammi on to the ropes. Nikki started to come back strongly and a camel clutch looked to have weakened Ms. Hunter considerably.
However, Sammi always looked to have something in reserve and quietly went about her business.
Nikki, seemingly frustrated by her opponents' stubborn refusal to lie down, stood on Sammi's hair - for which she received a caution from the referee.

As the match edged towards its time limit both girls went for it, resulting in a superb takedown and roll up to gain a victory.

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Approx 11 mins

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