Taken From the Saved By The Belles Show Dvd

Lisa Fury
Sammi Hunter

Pro-Style Match

The popular Liverpool lass: Lisa Fury entered the arena for the first pro.style match of the day.
The second of today's debut girls: Sammi Hunter, from North of the border, opposed her.
Lisa exclaimed; " All the way from Scotland to lose ! "
Sammi remained calm and focused and avoided a war of words. Her opening exchange sent Lisa rolling out of the ring.
On returning to the action, Lisa was on the end of a near pin and 2 count. Lisa continued to warm up the crowd and was very vocal, going on the offensive throughout.

She countered Sammi's wristlock then, began biting her Scottish opponent before applying a Boston Crab......Sammi clambering to safety by grabbing the ropes.
Lisa was living up to her name by weakening Sammi with a scissors, in an effort to break the newcomer's resilience.
Continuous banter with the audience followed as Ms. Fury applied a series of stomps to her strong and silent opponent.
The match was concluded 2 minutes from the bell with a camel clutch submission.

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