Taken From the Saved By The Belles Show Dvd

Lisa Fury

Mat-Style Match


Lisa Fury ventured into somewhat unfamiliar territory with a mat based contest, though, gave a great account of herself in a previous match of this nature at the Uprising event when she faced Viktoria. Today, she opposed Viktoria's Hungarian ally: Antscha.
As the bell sounded for the start, both girls locked up with Lisa able to add her pro. style experience by using throws as well as holds.
Antscha went for it right from the off, establishing a 2-0 lead via submission and camel clutch, respectively.
The Hungarian, clearly confident from her initial superiority, proceeded to lift and carry Lisa. However, always positive and vibrant; Lisa retaliated strongly, gaining a submission with good use of her legs, pegging the score back to 2-1.


The match then exploded into life with a selection of spectacular throws from both ladies.....Antscha regained control taking a 3-1 lead.
Lisa, though on the back foot for some parts of this match was an absolute credit, remaining cheerful and positive with some cute "uh-oh's" when in troublesome holds from her opponent......one simply cannot resist her appealing aura in the ring, even gaining her 3rd pin with great use of her assets to smother Antscha.
A high scoring, fun filled, sporting contest, greatly enjoyed by both the wrestlers' and the crowd.

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Approx 13 mins

Price 9
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