Taken From the Retribution Show Dvd


Pro. Style Contest

A clash of the Scots in a pro. style match next.
Viper opened up straight away, subtly letting Sarah know who was boss, forcing her fellow country girl into the turnbuckle immediately.
The relentless onslaught continued with a powerful clothesline and follow up that forced a 2 count.
Sarah resisted Viper's strenuous holds, until another clothesline from Viper threatened to break Sarah's resolve. Though on the backfoot at this stage of the match, Sarah was hanging in there!


Indeed, after an impresive reversal, Sarah started to gain in stature; no doubt having her confidence boosted by her reluctance to be dominated by Viper's early pressure. Viper was still in the ascendancy and continued to severely test Sarah's endurance.
A vicious and powerful looking stranglehold was next on the agenda for Viper to apply onto her stubborn opponent, before resorting to her earlier ploy of launching Sarah into the turnbuckles, followed by take downs.
The match concluded via submission near the 15 minute time limit.

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Approx 12 mins

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