Taken From the Retribution Show Dvd

AyeSha Ray
Shelby Beach

Pro. Style Contest

This match promised to be a mouth watering contest with the mighty AyeSha taking on Shelby Beach.
AyeSha leapt straight for Shelby with a no-nonsense approach as the blonde Wigan lady was still geeing up the audience !
The fiery Ms Ray grabbed Shelby with a waistlock - cleverly countered, then, in turn locked up with same hold again.
Both ladies were weighing each other up with a succession of holds and reversals with both seeking a chink in the others' armour to gain an advantage.



Shelby planted a Stacey Keibler style foothold to AyeSha in the turnbuckle as the atmosphere intensified. AyeSha applied a questionable hold that only seemed to raise Shelby's game as she planted a figure 4 leg lock on her larger opponent. This proved inconclusive as Ms Beach was slammed to the canvas then was held on the ropes.
AyeSha was on the receiving end of a camel clutch and 2 count as Shelby continued to try to conquer her.
However, AyeSha Ray is not called " Female Predator Amazon " for nothing as she gripped Shelby in a single leg Boston.
A dramatic piledriver and pin settled the match close to the time duration.
A brilliant and bruising battle !

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Approx 14 mins

Price 9
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