Taken From the Retribution Show Dvd

Pippa L'Vinn
Shelly Star

Pro.Style Contest

At last, the familiar entrance music indicated that the one and only Pippa L'Vinn was on her way to the ring !
Pippa climbed through the ropes acknowledging the cheers from the crowd, dressed in a beautiful blue swimsuit adorned with white stars....would her opponent be seeing stars within the next 15 minutes ?
Shelly Star was her opposite for this pro.match, once again in her black and pink top and small briefs.
The glamorous show host was as quick as a hiccup, forcing the issue from her Scottish counterpart immediately. With lightning speed she attacked Shelly's arms in a swift attempt to weaken her. Pippa looked hungry for action with determined eyes and, dictated all of the early exchanges.
Shelly, not to be outdone applied a great toss. Pippa came back and gained a near fall, via 2 count. Ms Star repeated her previous hold, just to let Pippa know that this was not going to be a one sided affair.



Ms L'Vinn looked confident and displayed all of her experience and ring craft, before becoming increasingly frustrated by a couple of 2 counts - challenging referee Billy -suggesting that his counts were too slow.
Pippa then had Shelly in a dazzling aeroplane spin and drop before blowing kisses to the appreciative audience. As before and, with the upmost credit, Shelly took her punishment and was still active in the match....could a shock result possibly be on the cards ?
Pippa was focused and pulling out every hold in the book, a surfboard followed which made her shout " no way on earth she can walk after that ".
To Pippa's bewilderment not only did Shelly still remain a threat but, defiantly rolled up Pippa for an attempted small package, cleverly reversed.
This highly entertaining match appeared to be concluded with a spectacular pin but, as the victor took the plaudits from the crowd, and with some controversy, a sudden announcement from the MC - after close consultation with referee Billy - declared a disqualification..........

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