Taken From the Retribution Show Dvd

Kayleigh Ray
AyeSha Ray

Pro.Style Contest


Next up, the first pro. match of the day.
Kayeigh Ray from Linwood,Scotland displayed amazing red hair and a vibrant green 2 piece outfit.
The "Female Predator Amazon" - AyeSha Ray faced her in a denim look one piece costume, with black tights underneath.
Ms Ray faced Ms Ray - the debut lady looked an awesome sight as she towered over Kayleigh and sought to make her mark straight away by slamming down her authority. A painful waist hold sent the Scottish lady clambering to the ropes.
AyeSha followed up by acquiring a 2 count and near fall, giving her opponent ferocious looks!


Kayleigh had not travelled from Scotland just to make up ther numbers though and threw a hip toss into the mix, gaining a 2 count on her follow up. AyeSha sought to gain retribution by attempting to literally squeeze the life out of Kayleigh with a scissors. Kayleigh - after forcing her way out - became trapped in the turnbuckle and was thrown into it a further 3 times before retaliation with a drop kick to her larger adversary.
The match was developing into a virtual test of strength and dexterity as both ladies probed for the victory.
This marvellous bout was concluded following a spectacular splash off the top rope and follow up pin.

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Approx 14 mins

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