Taken From the Retribution Show Dvd


Mat Based Contest

A return to Mat Based Action next as Inferno took to the ring to face the next new girl to the Wrestling Factory: Kelly.
Both ladies were adorned in black outfits, Inferno in a top and briefs whilst blonde Kelly elected for a nicely cut one piece swimsuit.
As the action unfolded it became apparent that this was going to be a fun bout.
The girls were of similar height and stature and both appeared very flexible and nimble.
Inferno was first to score via submission. Kelly attempted to pull back the deficit with a superb takedown and scissors and acquired a couple of 2 counts.


Both Inferno and Kelly certainly looked to be enjoying their match as they became entwined in a tangled mass; Kelly eventually emerged from their tight clinch to pull the score back to 1-1.
A stangle hold was applied to Inferno who responded swiftly with a nice takedown, via a headlock.
The action continued thick and fast with both girls pegging each other back. Inferno showed fierce resistance when asked to submit in a persistent arm lock.
At 2 falls each, Kelly took the offensive role, though, Inferno was able to resist brilliantly.
The scoring continued right up until the end of this bout - a very evenly fought contest.

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