Taken From the Retribution Show Dvd


Mat Based Contest

Both girls returned for their second contest of the day. Inferno wore a sexy, well cut gold spandex-look outfit, whilst Carmen looked equally striking in a lovely pink bikini.
As with her previous match, Carmen lost the first fall early on. She appeared not to be flustered by this temporary setback and came back at her red head rival, retaliating positively. She quickly reinstated the scoring to 1-1, via a tap out from Inferno.
Inferno emerged determined and focused and forced a number of clever scissors, severely testing Carmen's resolve and strength. The girls were locked together, neither of them budging until Carmen relinquished, exclaiming: "flipping heck"....or words to that effect !



Undeterred, she came storming back and, levelled up the scoring once more at 2-2 with a superb scissors hold.
The action continued thick and fast as this was developing into one of the best and closest bouts of the entire show.
As the minutes ticked by both girls succeeded in achieving further pins, as the final phase of the contest had each lady with 4 pins each.
An all out confrontation for victory fascinated the onlooking audience as one wrestler took things into her own hands - literally - forcing a wedgie and almost exposing her opponent.
An enjoyable and very evenly matched contest.

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Approx 17 mins

Price 9
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