Taken From the Retribution Show Dvd


Mat Based Contest

Berkshire's Dynamo was first to emerge from the locker room. Always a favourite with the audience and making a welcome return since "Winter Wars".
Her opponent, one of 4 debutants today: Carmen.
After a fierce clinch, Dynamo - always very vocal - shouted: "She aint going to be nice". However, the Wokingham lady did take the first pin.
Carmen came back and applied a strong waist grip then neck hold. Dynamo was still keeping the audience entertained with her comments: "is she ticklish ?".
Both girls locked up and remained on their feet whilst applying wrist locks and arm bars. Carmen squeezed Dynamo expertly and was easing her way back into the contest.


Dynamo had Carmen in a scissors then facesit followed by a superb leg lock.
Sporting handshakes were given throughout this entertaining bout.
Carmens' fierce determination was shown to the full when she put pressure on Dynamo via a headlock, exclaiming: "ref do you want her to give". "Not likely" was Dynamo's plucky response. Though, Carmen was steadfastly refusing to release the hold in her gutsy, take no prisoners performance.
A lively opener concluded with a 4-1 victory.


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