Taken From the Retribution Show Dvd


Mat Based Contest

Dynamo returned to action in today's penultimate match in a fitted black one piece costume,cut low at the back to display her colourful array of tattoos. Her blonde opponent Kelly entered the ring in a pretty pink bikini.
After an initial friendly exchange, the bell rang to start the match. The crowd's quiet ambience reflected the mood of intense concentration in the ring.
Both girls, though focused and determined did allow an element of fun into the holds and manouevres.
Dynamo, as before, providing us with great entertainment in her one liners and banter such as " you whinge all you like love" to Kelly, as she took the first submission.



Kelly came back and, as with Carmen in her bouts, seemed to gain strength from the adversity of going behind in the match.
She gained a 2 count and began to really force the issue with Dynamo just preventing a couple of close submissions.
This fascinating and very enjoyable contest concluded with a narrow 2-1 victory.

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