Nikki Storm
April Davids

Pro Style Contest:10 Minute Duration.

Taken from the
No Mercy In Manchester Show
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Scotland's Niiki entered the ring, encouraging the crowd to cheer for her and boo her opponent !
April, making her second appearance of the day looked mean and determined.

However, her concentrated mood did not appear to affect Nikki who applied 2 arm bars in quick succession
and came close to a couple of pins with two 2 counts.

April temporarily left the ring, such was the ruthless start to the match by Nikki.
April then came back, stronger than ever, herself forcing two 2 counts.

The match rocked back and forth with no girl being able to gain the upper hand.
Nikki used 2 spectacular dropkicks and appeared to hurt her shoulder in doing so.
This close, hard fought bout ended with a one fall victory, via a pin.


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