England v Scotland

Pro Style Contest:15 Minute Duration.

Taken from the
No Mercy In Manchester Show
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Pippa L'Vinn, April Davids & Shelby Beach against Nikki, Sarah, Carmel & Colleen.

The final bout of today's superb show was a 3 against 4 pro style tag match with England's ladies coming up against some of Scotland's finest.
Pippa in a lovely pink swimsuit and tights took on Colleen Masters.
Pippa lived up to the title of today's event and indeed showed " No Mercy" for her scottish opponent, Colleen.

Arm bars and take downs were dished out to Ms Masters. The English girls started to link up cleverly,
exchanging in rapid succession to freshen up the attack in an effort to wear down each girl who was tapped in fom the Scottish turnbuckle.
The Scots felt they were being unfairly treated and Carmel in particular attempted to take things into her own hands as her colleague was worked over and had to be restrained by the referee.Pure mayhem evolved as each strived to create the advantage.

However, an unexpected visitor entered the ring, proudly representing her own country and somewhat surpisingly took the match all on her own....

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