Pippa L'Vinns
Law And Disorder Show
First Half Downloads

All matches taken from the Law And Disorder show Dvd.
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Match 1
Pro-Style Match

Roxxi vs Loxleigh

Roxxi enters the ring in a black and pink one piece costume, the pink element gloriously matching
her vibrant, colourful hair. Loxleigh, fresh from her successful debut on the last show is attired in a striking Supergirl costume.
Show debutant Roxxi seems reluctant to shake hands, perhaps signalling her no nonsense approach.
Loxleigh's armbars are confidently reversed by Roxxi and manoeuvred into a full nelson on her taller
opponent; though, this hold is mirrored by Loxleigh as both ladies test each others' strength and resolve in the early stages of the bout.
Roxxi's waistlock is unable to impress her rival as she adopts the classic superheroine pose before
defiantly slapping her face with the hand that she refused to shake, which Loxleigh keenly reminds her of.
The heat of the match intensifies as both wrestlers get down to it on the canvas.
Both ladies are evenly matched with a lot of fierce slapping. Roxxi's pent up frustration is taken out
on her rival as she graced the ring in a vibrant, assured manner.
A powerful spear, followed by a hook of the leg concluded the match for one woman.
An impressive opening contest that could have gone either way.

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Match 2
Pro-Style Match


Shelby & Eva vs Lisa & Candy Claws

Show favourites Shelby and Eva team up against a masked mystery opponent: Candy Claws,
partnered by Lisa King in a distinctive outfit of black bra, black knickers, stockings, suspenders and knee length boots !
Eva takes on Lisa to kick things off. Eva takes charge, teasing her adversary with an arm bar and finger lock before forcing Ms King to the canvas.
Lisa retaliates strongly, forcefully working Eva in the turnbuckle; then, sending her crashing
into the opposite ring post before splashing her down to the canvas.
Lisa, vibrant and vocal leaves Eva suitably dazed before tapping in Candy Claws to add to the punishment.
Eva is no shrinking violet though and comes back strongly at her masked rival before tagging
Shelby Beach. Candy and Shelby exchange holds with Shelby gaining a near fall with a 2 count.
Both ladies enable their partners to enter the affray. Eva seeks to gain retribution on
Lisa for the opening exchanges they had by making her eat the canvas with a succession of
head slams to the mat. Lisa is forced to leave the ring briefly, having suffered considerable pain to her assets !
Chaos ensued between the ropes as all four ladies ripped up the rule book and went at each
other in a lively encounter that excited the audience.

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Match 3
Mat-Style Match

Dynamo vs Jenny Badeaux

Dynamo wore a black top and matching shorts whereas Jenny opted for a red high-cut leotard.
After a cautious few opening moments, Dynamo set about Jenny who clambered for the ropes.
Both wrestlers clamped each other defiantly with their legs as Jenny attempted to belittle her rival with a fruity, personal insult !
Dynamo, persistent with her moves, tried to seek out a weakness in Jenny by probing for an Achilles heel.
Both ladies stubbornly resisted the advances of the other and the bout was developing into an intriguing test of strength, cunning and guile.
Though the verbal banter continued between both ladies, it was clear that there was a mutual
respect for one another and, they clearly enjoyed grappling with each other.

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Match 4
Pro-Style Match

Pippa vs Silver

Pippa looked resplendent in an aqua coloured swimsuit, shiny tights and white boots.
Her opponent: Silver, wearing a two piece combination of white top and trunks.
Silver's initial headlock was reversed with vigour by Pippa, enhancing the move into an arm bar upon her blonde opponent.
Pippa was caught by a swift roll up and resulting 2 count, though, she complained that her pants were being pulled down !
The match began to develop into a "tour de force" with both wrestlers resolute in their quest for
victory. Silver's ever growing confidence was soon put down by Pippa, exclaiming: "Don't you get cocky with me !"
Silver's bright performance seemed to increase Pippa's display as she dished out some powerful
holds to her spirited adversary as her trademark mean streak started to emerge.
Silver delivered a loud kick that shook Pippa and the follow up hold was cleverly countered as
Ms L'Vinn had looked vulnerable to a pin.
Pippa, undeterred, took things in her stride and came back stronger, pulling Silver's trunks as she
thrust her into the ropes.
Pippa invested in a figure four leg lock that had Silver shrieking in pain, though, to her credit, Silver
turned this around, forcing Pippa to the sanctuary of the ropes. As this epic match roared on towards a climax,
a controversial decision was taken out of referee Billy's hands to conclude the contest.

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Match 5
Pro-Style Match

Loxleigh vs Lisa King

Lisa King clad in a leopard print swimsuit took on Loxleigh, dressed all in green.
If Loxleigh's superior height gave her an advantage Lisa was clearly unimpressed as
she opened up the match in her unique, ebullient style that we have all come to know and love.
Loxleigh was also not low on confidence as she grinded Lisa in the turnbuckle, trash talking the
Liverpool lass along the way.
Ms King responded positively with a headlock variation, before sending her rival hurtling to the canvas. Lisa,
seeking an advantage, took charge, punishing Loxleigh in the turnbuckle.
However, Loxleigh's immense strength is to be admired and she countered Lisa's onslaught
and Ms King was sent sprawling to the deck. Lisa soon put an end to the pressure exerted upon her with a crafty low blow.
Lisa's relentless combative stance placed Loxleigh in an unenviable position as she struggled
to maintain consciousness and looked out for the count before rising phoenix-like to resume her battle.
An excellent bout was decided via submission in the closing stages

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