Taken From the Judgement Day Show Dvd


Mat Based Contest:

Another mat based match next with Hungary's Viktoria taking on Maria. The Hungarian lady wore a brief pink bikini, whilst Maria opted for a darker pink two piece outfit with black checks on the briefs.
This would certainly be a severe test for the Newcastle lady as she took on the vastly experienced Viktoria.
This match was a complete contrast to the previous bout as both girls went for each other straight away.
Maria was cautioned for hair pulling early on as she stated that this would be no pushover for her opponent.
Viktoria even applied some hair pulling of her own as this started to develop into an intriguing, fiesty affair !

Both ladies looked determined to win by any means necessary. Viktoria stepped up further by removing Maria's knee braces and even threw one at her, before securing a 1-0 lead. Maria was quick to retaliate with an equalising pin. The continuing battle for supremacy gained further momentum as next, the hairbands were discarded.
No holds appeared to be off the menu as Maria forced a wedgie to her surprised adversary.
A brief episode of trunk pulling occurred before Hungary took a 2-1 lead, via a pin.
Undeterred, Maria fought back strongly and forced a 2 count via facesit before equalising at 2-2.
This very exciting, totally unpredictable match concluded with a victorious pin right on the bell to gain a 4-3 victory for one of these plucky ladies.

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