Taken From the Judgement Day Show Dvd

Bette Noire v Christina Kane v Sammi Jayne


Pro. Style 3 Way Contest

The penultimate match of the show featured an all Scottish 3 Way Match.
This fascinating line up brought together 3 fellow Scots, all enemies for the next 15 minutes at least. They all opened up with a triple head-lock. Christina was kicked out of the ring, leaving Bette and Sammi to slug it out for Scottish bragging rights. Upon her her return, Christina was on the receiving end of a clothesline from Sammi.


The key to victory in this bout appeared to be disposing of one opponent through the ropes if possible then pinning the other. This strategy would have worked had each girl not shown the hunger and desire to triumph, as neither of the 3 battlers were prepared to lay down. Bette applied a snap mare on Sammi Jayne as the momentum continued at break neck speed. Furious exchanges were made with no-one gaining an outright advantage.
A two girl single leg boston concuded with 2 simultaneous submissions.

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Approx 15 mins

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