Taken From the Judgement Day Show Dvd

The Red Hot Mama's
Bette Noire & Lana

Pro. Style Tag Match

Pippa L' Vinn and Shelby Beach strode to the ring amidst much applause as the very popular Red Hot Mama's took their place in their corner. Both ladies were wearing identical silk gowns. Their opposing team included Bette Noire - the Scottish lady making a return to this venue since the "Winter Wars" show.
Partnering her was show debutant Lana, a local Manchester lady who has been only been on the wrestling scene for 1 and a half years.
After MC Brett's introductions, Shelby and Pippa simultaneously removed their glamorous robes to reveal Shelby in her vibrant red leotard and Pippa in a new stunning white swimsuit with pretty tassles and a bikini style cut away back.



Pippa and Lana set the pace by locking up as an arm bar was spectacularly reversed by Lana, in very pretty, detailed, grey leggings.
A swift tag brought in Shelby whose waistlock was countered as Lana was then taken on a dizzy ride via an aeroplane spin.
Bette Noire entered to oppose Pippa as the Scottish lady - in a purple one piece outfit - sought to weaken her English rival with a leg lock. Pippa was having none of this as she countered with a drop toe hold, as the Mama's looked to take control.
A couple of 2 counts from Pippa threatened to finish the match as she tapped in Shelby for a brief bit of double teaming.
Lana - who specialises in spectacular, visually striking movements was adjusting well to the fast furious pace, ably supported by Bette.
A unique double boston crab brought victory to this eye catching, vastly enjoyable bout.

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