Taken From the Judgement Day Show Dvd

Pippa L'Vinn & Kyra
Viktoria & Foxy

Mat Based Tag Contest


Pippa and Kyra teamed up next to take on Viktoria from Hungary and Foxy.
Ms L'Vinn locked up with Viktoria to open up a fascinating looking encounter. Both ladies wearing bikini's: Pippa in a white costume with silver patterns whilst Viktoria opted for a blue outift, with white spots. An early lead was established by the determined Hungarian via a headlock. Pippa then came storming back into the bout, sending Viktoria crashing to the mat who then tagged in Foxy, making her second show appearance since "Retribution".
A brief exchange was made between the two before Kyra entered the action.
Kyra - who has excelled and grown in confidence since her first appearance at the Wrestling Factory was encouraged and instructed by Pippa from beyond the ropes:" Kyra, watch her legs" - a warning to beware the ever powerful Foxy.


This fast paced match continued at lightning speed with constant tags. Kyra was more than holding her own in the ring with an exemplary scissors hold.
However, the Pippa / Kyra combination suffered a further setback as Foxy, with her immense leg strength, managed to gain a 2-0 lead.
Kyra then sought to redress the balance with by mixing it up with Viktoria and, gave a great account of herself again with a deadly scissors and, cleverly prevented an attempted tag from her opponent. Kyra certainly excelled in this bout, no doubt inspired by having such a masterful ally and tutor in Pippa, in her corner.
The frequent tags continued with Pippa gaining a submission with a superb headlock.
This breathtaking bout was concluded with a close 3-2 victory.

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