Taken From the Judgement Day Show Dvd

Lisa Fury

Pro. Style Contest

Lovely Lisa returned to the ring to face Lana. It was Liverpool v Manchester for this pro. match. Ms Fury had Lana on the ropes right from the off, Lana surprised Lisa with a waistlock as she proved what an impressive new talent she is. Lisa provided her usual banter throughout - always enjoyed by the crowd - one can never fail to warm to this lively, vibrant lady. Though Lisa was cautioned for hair pulling, she continued her verbal assault: " come on Princess, sit up " as she applied another hold.

Lana resisted and was a threat throughout, even when Lisa threatened to take control. Lisa seemed very fired up as her moves were unable to finish the contest. Lana obtained a couple of 2 counts as she finally sensed an opportunity to thwart the Liverpool lass. Lisa slammed Lana into the turnbuckle then, repeated the manouevre in the opposite corner. Lana, now severely winded looked to be at the mercy of Lisa as the Liverpool lady continued to exert pressure with knee stomps to the back.
The fascinating mixture of styles was concluded by a spectacular finishing hold.

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Approx 14 mins

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