Taken From the Judgement Day Show Dvd


Mat Based Contest

The first contest after the interval brought back Kyra, fresh from her superb performance with Pippa in the tag match.
Her delightful figure graced by her form fitting black leotard and tights. Her opponent: Steph in a white top and black briefs looked equally as confident, as MC Brett introduced both ladies.

From the opening bell it became clear that this was going to develop into a special bout. Kyra started on the offensive forcing herself upon Steph and attempted to squeeze her adversary with her long legs. Steph resisted and applied similar holds and locks of her own as the two lovely ladies entwined each other, much to the delight of the audience. A friendly match ensued as Steph took a deserved 1-0 lead. The match continued at a slow, deliberate, concentrated pace with much to admire as both grappled for superiority. Kyra levelled up with a very effective scissors, realising that this could be the hold with which she could perhaps dominate and ultimately succeed. Kyra shouted " she's not getting out of this " as she marched into a 2-1 lead. A boston crab followed from the blonde further advancing the score to 3-1.
Steph rallied on and closed the gap to 3-2 before going further behind again. A series of impressive holds via the legs from both rivals took the match toward it's time limit as scores continued to be notched up.
A close, sporting contest concluded as the 2 girls embraced in what was a very pleasurable viewing experience, thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd.

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