Taken From the Judgement Day Show Dvd

Christina Kane
Sammi Jayne

Pro. Style Contest:

Another pro. style match followed with 2 lovely debutants to the Wrestling Factory. Christina Kane took her place in the ring in traditonal wrestling attire: black bra top, black trunks, black knee pads and boots. Her opposing number: Sammi Jayne wore a shiny blue top and shorts.
Sammi forced Christina back into her own corner and from the resulting takedown gained a 1 count.
Christina fought back immediately, though, was countered by Sammi who dished out a hard takedown again. A series of locks and reversals kept the match moving at a swift pace with both girls trying to establish a dominant edge over the other. Christina applied a drop toe hold and followed up with a leg lock.


This close, tight match was unfolding into a very watchable affair with the ladies able to withstand each others' manouevres.
Sammi then apllied pressure and punishment to Ms Kane's knee, obtaining a 1 count before Christina was able to kick out and, then obtained a couple of 2 count roll ups on Sammi. Near falls continued for both wrestlers as they neared the 15 minute time limit.
A spinebuster submission brought to an end this technically superb contest.

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Approx 11 mins

Price 8
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