Taken From the Judgement Day Show Dvd


Mat Based Contest:

Axa - making a welcome return since the "Winter Wars" show - looked resplendent in her white bikini as she emerged from the backstage area. Her opponent, the equally glamorous Geordie: Maria, adorned in a tiny black bikini with pink edging. Straight from the off the girls launched themselves at each other.
Maria hoisted Axa into the air, and then found herself on the receiving end of an early first pin to make it 1-0 to the blonde lady.
Maria seemed unconcerned at such an early loss and retaliated with a scissors/waistlock hold, sucessfully reversed by Axa.
Both ladies were evenly matched and Maria then pulled the score back to 1-1 after a 2 count.
Axa - whilst in the grip of Maria - then exclaimed " she has strong legs ", before recovering the lead to 2-1 after a good takedown. Her lead was further increased to 3-1, then, 4-1 with a standing arm bar.



Maria kept coming back at her opponent pegging her lead back to 4-2 in what was developing into a high scoring opening contest.
The match carried on with the same momentum with each girl showing an array of holds, including feet tickling at one stage !
The action concluded with an 8-4 scoreline.

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Approx 15 mins

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